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To submit an application to our school, please complete the following form and select Submit Application.

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    Please enter your Primary address first.
Contact Information
  1. Your personal E-Mail address will be the primary mode of communication with Sinai University Admissions Office. Please be careful to input the address correctly and check it often.
    عنوان البريد الالكتروني الخاص بكم سيكون وسيله الاتصال الأساسيه بمكتب القبول جامعه سيناء، برجاء التأكد من كتابه عنوان البريد بطريقه صحيحه و متابعته بشكل مستمر

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Demographic Information
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Academic Information
  1. Take note that each academic program that you select will cost a seperate 500 EGP application fee.
    برجاء العلم أن قيمة الإلتحاق بقيمة 500 جنيه للكلية الواحدة

  2. Program Preferences
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Test Scores
  1. Please leave this section completely blank if you have not received your Egyptian High School Score at this time.

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School Policy
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  2. In order for your application to be complete you must upload attachments on the following page. If you are unable to upload now, please save the application to continue later.
    برجاء التاكد من اللحاق المرفقات المطلوبه الخاصه بالطالب قبل تفعيل طلب الالتحاق او حفظ الطلب لحين استكمال المرفقات به ثم تفعيله